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Sarah C Hake

Adjunct Professor
Center Director - USDA Plant Gene Expression Center, Albany, California
800 Buchanan St.
Albany, California 94710
office: 510-559-5907   lab: 510-559-5922   fax:  510-559-5678

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Recent publications

Chuck, G. Whipple, C., Jackson, D. and Hake, S. (2010) The maize SBP-box transcription factor encoded by tasselsheath4 regulates bract development and establishment of meristem boundaries. Development 137:1243-1250

Johnston, R., Candela, H., Hake, S. Foster, T. (2010) The maize milkweed pod1 mutant reveals a mechanism to modify organ morphology. Genesis 48:416-423.

Chuck, G., Tobias, C., Sun, L., Kraemer, F., Li, C., Dibble, D., Arora, R., Bragg, J. N., Vogel, J. P., Singh, S., Simmons, B., Pauly, M., Hake, S. (2011) Overexpression of the maize Corngrass1 microRNA prevents flowering, improves digestibility and increases starch content of switchgrass PNAS 108:17550-17555.

Bolduc, N., Yilmaz, A., Mejia-Guerra, M.K., Morohashi, K., O'Connor, D., Grotewold, E., and Hake, S. 2012. Unraveling the KNOTTED1 regulatory network in maize meristems Genes & Development 26: 1685-1690.>

Recent Teaching

200A - Plant and Microbial Genetics
290 - Graduate Seminar
299 - Graduate Research

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